Eventi disponibile - 24 H Burgenland Extrem Tour 2020

Dear Friends of the 24 H Burgenland Extreme Tour!

You’ve informed yourself, you prepared yourself, now you’re here to register. And thereby you’ve already successfully done the most difficult part of the 24 H Extreme Tour 2020. Daring a new beginning, taking the first step, takes more courage and strength than those challenge you’re still awaiting. Walking/running around Lake Neusiedl in Winter is an adventure, a 24 hours long extreme tour for body and soul. Your adventure has already started by now. Already now you’re part of the path, an important component of the tour and with your actions and with every following step you take you determine and build the 24 H spirit of the whole 24 H Burgenland Extreme Tour 2020. WALK or RUN without the idea of competition in your mind – your doing it JUST FOR YOURSELF! Have your body feel the limits of its resistance. Exploit the full potential of your willpower. Experience yourself in extreme situations. Be self-confident, self-determined, joyful and free. Remind yourself of your strengths and believe in your abilities. At the same time watch out for yourself and all the others sharing the path with you! We’re already extremely looking forward to the following adventure with you, you and especially with you.

24 Stunden Burgenland Extrem Starter package*

with – as always! – enormous and valuable goodies:
  • 24 H Backpack
  • 24 H Start label with start number
  • 24 H Tour Cap with inner fleece
  • 24 H Tour-Guide
  • 24 H Tour Neck tube
  • 24 H Fold a Cup
  • 24 H Tour Pin 2020
  • 24 H Certificate
  • 24 H Finisher-Award
  • 24 H Trash Bag
  • 24 H Sponsoring-Goodies

24 Stunden Burgenland Extrem bracelet** as proof

  • for free supply with food and water&hot tea before and during the event
  • 24H Tour-Hotline and Shuttle-Services for free!

For more information concerning the 24 H Burgenland Extreme Tour 2020 have a look at our website or on Facebook! Furthermore, we will send you a 24 H Extreme letter a few days before the start. Please use public transport and / or carpools for the journey. If you start in Oggau then we offer you our new TRANSFER TICKET in cooperation with ÖBB and State Government Burgenland. This car- and carefree mobility ticket is for everyone who travels by train, stays in either Oggau or Rust and chose the Original Trail. Details on this climate-friendly arrival and departure offer can be found on our web pages and of course here at the registration!

Until then, all the best on all your paths!


Michael, Tobias and Josef + 24 H Extreme Team

*Starter Packages and purchased goodies are only given out at the particular location during the particular submission date. Postal dispatch before, during and after the picking up timeline is unfortunately not possible. Unclaimed starter packages and purchased goodies are given to a charity organization.

Shopping XXL ...
With your current 24 Hour Burgenland Extreme Registration Confirmation you will receive 20% discount on your purchases in all 5 XXL Sports & Outdoor stores in Austria - valid from now until 24th January 2020! (The voucher is not valid in the online shop. Other promotions and leaflet offers are excluded.)

** Special offers of St. Martins Therme & Lodge

Lodge: 10% special discount on the daily rates from 2 nights for a stay between 23 and 28 January 2020 with a valid 24 hour Burgenland Extreme registration confirmation.

Therme: 10% special discount on the daily admission for the thermal landscape. Valid on 23.01., 24.01., 25.01., 26.01. and 27.01.2020 and only in conjunction with the current 24 hours Burgenland Extreme launch band on the wrist!

120Km Laufen/Walken/Gehen/Wandern Start in Oggau | 04:30 | 24.01.2020 | etá : 2002 and older
Recommendation: The entire lap/round and likewise the 24H original-trail. This path takes you over to your physical limits and with 120 winter-kilometers an absolutely sketchy and throughout an extreme adventure. From Oggau to Oggau – until pleasant exhaustion.
€ 64.00 geschlossen
80Km Laufen/Walken/Gehen/Wandern Start in Hegykö | 07:00 | 24.01.2020 | etá : 2002 and older
Recommendation: For those who do not dare the whole round in wintry conditions. From Hegykö to Oggau - 80 fine kilometers in the heart of the World Heritage area Fertö-Neusiedl See.
€ 64.00 geschlossen
60km Laufen/Walken/Gehen/Wandern Start in Apetlon | 08:00 | 24.01.2020 | etá : 2002 and older
Recommendation: For all those who do not trust the whole round yet.
From Apetlon to Oggau – 60 fine final kilometers in the heart of the world heritage area!
€ 64.00 geschlossen
30km Laufen/Walken/Gehen/ Start in Neusiedl am See | 08:30 | 24.01.2020 | etá : 1979 and older
Recommendation: The tour for older people who want to experience an extreme adventure together with children und adolescents.
€ 64.00 geschlossen
30km Laufen/Walken/Gehen/ Start in Neusiedl am See | 08:30 | 24.01.2020
Raccomandazione: per gli studenti e i loro insegnanti. Da Neusiedl am See a Oggau - 30 chilometri.
€ 14.00 geschlossen
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24 H Burgenland Extrem Tour 2020
24.01 - 25.01.2020
7063 Oggau (Burgenland)
Hauptstraße 52
Monte Tobias
Hauptstrasse 95
7063 Oggau
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